SECT Theater Supplies, Inc.

Theatrical and Production Equipment Rentals, Sales, and Installations. 


Here at SECT, our sound technicians take great pride in providing the highest quality sound experience for a wide variety of venues. Whether it be:

- a DJ rig for a wedding,
-  medium-sized stage for 300 to 400 people,
- or a full-fledged festival sized stage,
 we have the sound system you will need. This can vary anywhere from speakers on sticks to hanging line-array. In addition, SECT owns large and small, digital and analog sound consoles to compliment any of the aforementioned stage settings.

Theatrical Productions
While the large festival style stages are our bread and butter, our roots are in the theater. We have a plethora of wireless microphones for these means: Wireless Handhelds, wireless beltpacks with lavalier or headset microphones. The sound experts at SECT have years of experience in theater production. 

You won't find a more qualified team for your sound rental, installation, and troubleshooting endevours!

You won't find a more  more qualified team for your sound rental, installation and troubleshooting needs.


All of the special lighting needed to make your concert look good. LED lights, Moving Fixtures, Effect Lights, Par Cans and Dimmers, all are available to put together the ideal lighting package for your event.
Theatrical Productions
If you need Pars, Ellipsoidals, Strip Lights, Spotlights, or Dimmers for your stage show, we can provide full production for lighting, or suppliment what you already have in your venue.
Televised events
If you plan on recording or televising your event, we can provide you with lights specifically made for that purpose.
Outdoor Productions
`If any of your events happen to be outdoors, we have lights that can handle that as well. We maintain all the equipment required to hold your event outdoors.

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available in a multitude of dimensions and layouts. Contact us to discuss the best roofing options for you.
We use a modular decking system that allows us to create stages to fit your needs. Small stage for a speaker, runway for a fashion show, or a band stage witha drum riser, we can meet your needs. Here we use  Staging Concepts Modular System . Contact us for details and pricing.
Great ways to provide shade during the day, a structure for stage lighting at night and to mitigate minor weather events. These temporary staging roofs are available in a multitude of dimensions and layouts. Contact us to discuss the best roofing options for you.


For all events indoor or outdoor we provide generators, the means to tie into an existing service, and the comfort of safe electricity.
For any event that you are planning, one of the first things needed to be addressed is how you are going to provide electricity for areas that cannot do without power. Power might be needed for:
Entrance Areas
Food Courts
Artists' Booths
Press Boxes
Green Rooms
Childrens Inflatables

SECT Theatre Supplies, Inc. power distribution may be able to help on this unseen side of your Event.
Event areas vary in size and shape but all will need safe electricity no matter what the case. SECT Theatre Supplies, Inc. prides themselves on providing everything you will need to complete this task. We can provide any amount of power in the places you need while holding safety and cable management at the highest priority.
SECT Theatre Supplies, Inc. provides on-site electricians to oversee our equipment and make certain we are within safe electrical guidelines. R3 rated Distribution boxes meet NEC Expectations for all outdoor events.

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If you have an existing venue, or are building a new space, we can help you with you equipment and setup needs.  If you want your older equipment updated, or just want some supplemental sound or additional lighting, we can get you to a system that meets your criteria. 

We have years of experience in house to get your venue or space up to date, and we will work with you to do the best we can with your budget. Call us and set up an appointment for us to come and see your space so that we can get working on it.

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If you have a piece of equipment that is need of repair you should bring it to SECT. We have the staff on hand to bring your equipment back to working order. If it is too big to bring to us, just give us a call and we can schedule an appointment to have a technician come out and take a look at the problem. We are dealers with access to most  manufactures parts to get that equipment working again. 



Here at SECT, we understand that you want your wedding to be a very special day. With that we are here to help you discover your vision, for what you want it to look and sound like; dance floor lighting, string lights, twinkle lights, sounds systems and microphones to help make the event work for you. Reach out to us and let us know what you are thinking, and we will work with you and your venue, to help ensure the day is special.